Kwon Eunbi delivers an impressive performance at Waterbomb Japan

Kwon Eunbi made a big splash with her performance for Waterbomb Japan in Tokyo. 

Following her performance on the Nagoya stage in Japan on July 22, Kwon Eunbi continued her show-stopping performance with Waterbomb Japan in Tokyo on July 30. 

Last month, Kwon Eunbi sent netizens into a frenzy with her stage at Waterbomb in Seoul. 

kwon eun bi

This time, Kwon Eunbi wore a sky-blue bra underneath a see-through top and a white mini-skirt, showing off a bold style. Nonetheless, the singer’s innocent charm shone through. 

For this event, Kwon Eunbi performed “Underwater,” the title track of her third mini-album “Lethality” released in October last year, bringing massive attention to the songs again.

kwon eun bi

Kwon Eunbi’s performance created a buzz on social media and fan forum platforms such as Theqoo and Instiz on the same day. 

Netizens took particular interest in the singer’s costume, saying, “Kwon Eunbi is so pretty,” “She is so good at performing her stage and doing fan service,” “This outfit is prettier than the last one,” “Wow, her body is crazy,” “Waterbomb Kwon Eunbi is crazy,” and “Now when I think of Waterbomb, I think of Kwon Eunbi.” 

Meanwhile, Waterbomb is the largest summer music festival in Korea. It is a place a participant can enjoy getting wet and amazed by spectacular performances. The event resumed for the first time in three years last year after COVID-19.

Source: wikitree

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