‘Produce 101 Japan The Girls’ unveils trainee lineup with many familiar faces

‘Produce 101 Japan’ drew keen attention by revealing the trainees who will compete in Season 3

On September 3rd, “Produce 101 Japan The Girls (Produce 101 Japan 3)” introduced the trainees for the first time. The program is scheduled to premiere on October 5th.

'Produce 101 Japan The Girls' unveils trainee lineup

The appearance of former survival show contestants Sakurai Miu (“Nizi Project” and “Girls Planet 999”) and “Girls Planet 999” Kanno Miyu & Fujimoto Ayaka among the trainees caught the eyes of netizens and raised viewers’ expectations for the program. Many people were also surprised to see the name of former Cherry Bullet member Kato Kokoro as well as Mizukami Rimika, who already graduated from HKT48.

'Produce 101 Japan The Girls' unveils trainee lineup

In addition, Momona Kasahara, a past member of the Japanese idol group Angerme, and ex-Girls² Ran Ishii also aroused interest with their appearance in the theme song stage ideo of “Produce 101 Japan The Girls”.

'Produce 101 Japan The Girls' unveils trainee lineup

After forming JO1 in Season 1 and INI in Season 2, “Produce 101 Japan” attempted a girl group audition for the first time. However, controversy arose as several trainees, including Kuwahara Ayana, expressed their intention to withdraw from the program even before the official broadcast.

'Produce 101 Japan The Girls' unveils trainee lineup

Meanwhile, “Produce 101 Japan The Girls” started recruiting trainees in May and attracted over 14,000 applicants within a month, which is the biggest number ever.

Through this season, the production team aims to create a group loved by more people by introducing the concept of “cheering for girls who head towards their dream”. PD Lee Ji Hye, who directed “Produce 101 Japan” Seasons 1 and 2, is expected to continue directing the production of Season 3 this time.

Source: Daum

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