Photos of Natty and Somi 5 years ago received attention again

Recently, Korean netizens feel nostalgic for old moments of the couple Natty – Somi, two former foreign trainees who used to have time practicing under JYP Entertainment.

The two were first introduced to the public in the reality show “SIXTEEN” by JYP, through which the popular girl group TWICE was created.

During the intense time of the competition, Somi and Natty tried their best to bring impressive performances to the fans. However, fortune did not smile on these 2 girls when they were sadly eliminated from the show. The duo’s afterward journey was very difficult, both went through many survival shows. As for Somi, she debuted in two different groups, I.O.I and Unnies. After these projects ended, Somi returned to JYP and prepared to debut with ITZY. However, the plan did not go smoothly as expected. The female idol suddenly left the company when the debut time was near. Somi then joined YG The Black Label and made a solo debut in 2019.

As for Natty, she was equally struggling when she competed hard in “Idol School” but was eliminated in the final. Currently, the female idol is an artist under Swing Entertainment and has solo debuted with the song “NINETEEN”.

Who would have thought that the two little girls back in the day, now both debut as Korean solo female singers? In the future, Somi and Natty are expected to impress the public with musical talents and other new and unique sides of them

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