Park So-dam “I could move only my fingers after cancer surgery, alcohol is OK now”

Actress Park So-dam shared her story after undergoing surgery for papillary thyroid cancer

On Dec 14th, a video featuring Park So-dam was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Seo In Guk“.

Park So-dam said, “There were many people who worried about me drinking and I understand.” After being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in Dec 2021, Park So-dam underwent surgery, and announced her recovery in February last year.

Park So-dam

She explained, “I called my doctor beforehand and the doctor was like, ‘Please do.’ It has been two years since the surgery. If I recover and show my healthy self, then people who suffer might feel hopeful.”

Park So-dam also expressed gratitude to Seo In Guk, who supported her during the filming of “Death’s Game”.

She recalled, “He took care of me a lot. We met earlier this year. Whenever I worried about what I should do if there is something tough all of a sudden, he told me, ‘We can take a break. I will say I need to poop.’

Park So-dam

She added, “He was like, I will buy some time if you can’t say that you want to take some rest. I will poop, that’s what he said.” Seo In Guk smilingly said, “Because I was ready. I was ready to go to the toilet.

Park So-dam also confessed, “After the surgery, I could move only my fingers, so it was my first time to check all DMs. I haven’t had time to do that. My fans and those who have the same pain… I had spoken with them for a while through DMs. For me, it was a big comfort and time to relax.”

Meanwhile, “Death’s Game” was released through TVING today (Dec 15th).

Source: Daum

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