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Park Seul-gi “Top female actress got angry during an interview… She’s still doing well”

Broadcaster Park Seul-gi revealed an anecdote of her bewilderment when she was a reporter.

On Nov 11th, a video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Guracheol”.

On this day, Kim Tae-jin, Park Seul-gi and Charles, who were known as reporters for entertainment news programs of different broadcasting companies, appeared in “Guracheol”.

Kim Gu-ra pointed out to the noisy guests from the opening, “Reporter-turned-celebrities are always talkative. If they don’t talk, they’ll get anxious. We have to throw those things away now.”

park seul gi

As the three worked as reporters for a long time, they revealed celebrities’ hidden stories.

Park Seul-gi shared, “I can’t mention her real name, but…”

park seul gi

Park Seul-gi, who said she conducted a corner similar to “Guerrilla Date”, revealed an anecdote with a female celebrity whom she interviewed, “While we were doing an interview, she called the manager, ‘Hey, manager.’ Then she shouted, ‘My skin broke out. What am I doing in front of people?'”

Park Seul-gi continued, “I’d never heard of such a thing during my 17-year career as a reporter. I was right next to her. She spoke too loudly.” Kim Tae-jin added, “She purposely let you hear it. It was to show that she was in a bad mood.”

Park Seul-gi later said she met that celebrity at a movie premiere and greeted her first, but that celebrity remained insincere.

park seul gi

Kim Tae-jin and Charles could not hide their anger. Park Seul-gi confessed, “Of course, I always thought it could happen, but I was a little bewildered at that time.”

When Charles asked if that celebrity was still doing well, Park Seul-gi said yes. When Kim Tae-jin mentioned a certain celebrity, Park Seul-gi made everyone laugh by drawing a line firmly, “No. Don’t guess.”

Source: Daum

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