Park Min Young’s inseparable involvement with her ex? Investigation into allegations of unfair profits by Bithumb

Actress Park Min Young was investigated as a witness for the allegations against her ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun.

On February 14th, SBS said, “Park Min Young attended the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office on February 13th and was investigated as a reference. She is a reference to the allegation of Kang Jong Hyun, a businessman suspected of being the real owner of the virtual currency exchange Bithumb.”

Accordingly, the prosecution found evidence that Park Min Young’s name was used in the borrowed-name transaction of convertible bonds issued by Bithumb affiliates, as well as the fact that hundreds of millions of units of profit were generated. However, Park Min Young is said to have argued at the prosecution that the transaction “has nothing to do with her.” Currently, Park Min Young is banned from leaving the country.

Park Min Young

On February 2nd, Kang Jong Hyun and key executives of Bithumb affiliates were arrested on charges of embezzling money from the company and manipulating stock prices.  Currently, Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment, is silent about this.

Last year, suspicions were raised that Kang Jong Hyun was the hidden owner of Bithumb, the second largest virtual asset exchange in Korea, along with dating rumors with Park Min Young. After that, it was reported that Park Min Young’s sister was also listed as an outside director in a business suspected of being actually owned by Kang Jong Hyun, adding to the controversy. In response, Park Min Young’s side acknowledged their dating, saying, “She broke up with him. Her sister also expressed the intention to resign as an outside director.”

Park min Young

However, the controversy surrounding Park Min Young and her now ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun continues. Hook Entertainment, Park Min Young’s agency, was raided. Hook Entertainment is a subsidiary of Green Snake Media, led by Chairman Won Young Sik, and is closely related to Kang Jong Hyun, so some said that the aftermath of his investigation may have affected Hook Entertainment.

In the midst of this, Park Min Young won the AAA Best Artist in the Actor category at the 2022 Asian Artist Awards in Japan at the end of last year, her first official appearance after the controversy. She said, “For me, it’s not been an easy year. I will become a more sincere and proud actor who will not disappoint you in the future. I will keep my promise.”

Meanwhile, Park Min Young has been offered a role in “Marry My Husband”, based on the web novel of the same name, and she is considering it.

Source: Nate

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