‘Yoon Sang’s son’ RIIZE Anton’s special friendship with IU amazes netizens

The relationship between SM’s new boy group RIIZE member Anton and singer IU draws attention

RIIZE Anton was recently revealed to have interacted with IU on the old personal SNS account. Before the account was deleted, some netizens already discovered it and spread it in online communities. 

On his old account, Anto posted a photo of shoes from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton and added the caption “I walked up to the top of Namsan Mountain to eat hamburgers. IU noona, thank you for your shoes #iu”

IU even commented on Anton’s post, saying “What’s with that capture?”, boasting about their close friendship. In particular, IU even followed Anton’s account.

riize anton's special friendship with iu

In fact, producer-singer Yoon Sang, Anton’s father, is the link between the two.

Yoon Sang is very close to IU and IU often calls him “dad”. Yoon Sang also composed “Only I Didn’t Know” (2011), known as one of IU’s popular songs. Therefore, fans are not very surprised to see the close friendship between IU and Anton.

Netizens also showed positive reactions to IU and Anton’s interactions, saying “IU and Anton are 10 years apart. This is the cutest sibling chemistry ever”, “Anton must become an idol”, “I want to see him on IU’s Palette when RIIZE becomes more successful”, etc.

riize anton's special friendship with iu

Meanwhile, Anton appeared on SBS’s “Single Wife 2” in 2018 with his father Yoon Sang and his mother, actress Shim Hye Jin. At that time, he was introduced as a handsome swimming athlete. Anton was called a swimming prodigy and he even dreamed of becoming a great swimming athlete. 

However, he had no choice but to give up swimming due to the numerous restrictions on indoor sports during the Covid-19 pandemic. Anton told his parents that he wanted to make music. On a program, Yoon Sang once confessed “I’ve never seen my son singing. I was a little scared about his decision”. Yoon Sang opposed the idea at first but he was persuaded after listening to Anton’s self-composed song.

Fans and netizens are looking forward to whether Anton will grow and become a global star then have a collaboration stage with his close sister IU in the future.

Source: Nate

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