Lee Young-ae Recalled Crying While Refusing To Extend The Filming Of “Dae Jang-geum”

Lee Young-ae revealed the behind-the-scenes story of the drama ‘Dae Jang-geum.’

Lee Young-ae appeared on a video posted on the YouTube channel “MMTG” on November 30th to promote her new drama “Maestra: Strings of Truth.”

lee young ae

In this video, Lee Young-ae mentioned her hit MBC drama “Jewel in the Palace” (also know as “Dae Jang-geum), which aired in 54 episodes from September 2003 to March 2004. Lee Young-ae said, “The behind the scenes of ‘Dae Jang-geum’ can be written in 10 books. There are so many fun behind-the-scenes that only I know.” “Since the drama became so popular, MBC was going to extend it to about 100 episodes. At the time, I had not slept for 3 nights and 4 days to film it. As I stayed up all night, I didn’t even know if my eyes were open or closed. There was a time when I was actually sleeping while filming,” she recalled.

lee young ae

“So I stomped the ground while crying and said I could never shoot 100 episodes. MBC’s president also came to the set, and the director continued to persuade me, saying, “I’m sorry Young-ae, but only until the 60th and 70th episodes.” I refused all of them, so it ended after the 54th episode.

Recalling the time when she filmed on Jeju Island, the actress said, “The weather in Jeju Island was ever-changing. Suddenly it snowed, suddenly it rained, and next it was windy. It changed so much every moment. I was so nervous and tired while filming that I got a bad jaw joint. After the shoot, my jaw couldn’t move. When I was lying down, my jaw dropped. There were so many aftereffects of the filming on me.”

Source: daum

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