Shin Ji Min, “As a soloist, I may not look as fancy and beautiful as I was in AOA, but I can be a little more honest”

Former AOA member Shin Ji Min expressed her feelings about making a comeback after a long time.

Shin Ji Min released her first EP album “BOXES” on February 22nd. The album contains a total of 4 songs, including the title track “Sympathy”, “Somewhere”, “Don’t know why”, and “Suddenly”.

shin ji min

About releasing the first solo EP since her debut, Ji Min confessed, “I still can’t believe that I’m releasing this album. It used to be a vague dream. I suffered many difficulties and experienced various things for the first time to complete this album. I’m proud and happy the album is finally released.”

shin ji min

Regarding “BOXES”, she explained, “I slowly made this album with stories and messages I wanted to convey as well as great people who are working on music. These songs were not made within fixed deadlines. They actually contain my true appearance and thoughts at the time I made them.”

It is known that Shin Ji Min personally participated in composing songs and writing the lyrics to fully express her feelings and thoughts. The female singer shared, “I’m not good enough to do it alone. I was able to make such wonderful songs because there were many talented people around me who are so good at making music. They helped me clear my mind and solved my confusion”.

shin ji min

When asked about what she wanted to show through this album and her resolution for this comeback, Shin Ji Min said, “I want to show you the real ‘Shin Ji Min’ with this album. To be honest, I can’t show you as many things as before, but my life is still going on and I will continue making music and living a faithful life. I want to let everyone listen to my honest feelings contained in the songs together”, adding “‘Solo singer’ Ji Min may not look as fancy and beautiful as ‘girl group member’ Ji Min, but I think I can be a little more honest with you now. I will make music with sincerity”,

shin ji min

Lastly, she delivered a message to fans, saying “I’m very excited to meet fans after a long time. I’m grateful to them and I want to tell them that they’re the reason I can be here right now”, adding “I will repay your love. I love you let’s see each other for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Shin Ji Min will hold the fanmeeting “JIMIN IN THE BOX” at H-Stage in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul at 6 p.m. on March 11th.

Source: Daum

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