Nana shows off her full-body tattoos exquisitely: Sexy and chic

Nana’s new pictorial is attracting attention with her full body tattoos. 

On February 6th, Nana posted a pictorial for the fashion magazine Elle Singapore on her Instagram account.

Nana elle

In the pictorial, Nana draws attention with unconventional outfits. The tattoos revealed all over her body are used like props for her sexy pictorial. Her chic yet provocative atmosphere vibes fans of Nana herself when she was active in the girl group After School.

Nana elle

Earlier, at the press conference for her movie “Confession”, Nana drew public attention by revealing her full body tattoos.  Later, at the press conference for Netflix’s series “Glitch”, Nana explained the background of getting the tattoos. 

Nana said, “I got full body tattoos because I wanted to do it, not because of the character. If the opportunity arises, I wonder if the day will come when I can talk about the reason why I personally got them.”

Meanwhile, Nana is reviewing her next project.

Source: nate

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