SNSD YoonA also a fan of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo”, cute friendship with a cast member 

Actress and SNSD member YoonA recently shared her feelings about rising K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo”. 

SNSD member YoonA recently posted a video on her Instagram story, which includes comments on the famous K-drama “Extraordinary Woo Young Woo” and praises for actress Joo Hyun Young.

Joo Hyun Young

In her video, Joo Hyun Young was standing in front of YoonA, shouting: “Dong to the Geu to the Rami”, a parody of the iconic introduction “Woo to the Young to the Woo Young Woo” in the aforementioned K-drama.

Joo Hyun Young

YoonA also posed in accordance with Joo Hyun Young movements, as if possessed by Woo Young Woo, showing a passionate side of herself and making fans laugh. 

Joo Hyun Young

Joo Hyun Young assumes the role of Dong Geurami, the best friend of female lead Woo young Woo (played by actress Park Eun Bin) in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo”, which has been gaining attention with rising viewership ratings. Meanwhile, YoonA is busy preparing for SNSD’s 15th anniversary comeback and other promotion activities, and her upcoming K-drama “Big Mouth” (also known as “Big Mouse”) is scheduled to air at the end of July. 

Source: Nate

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