Fans are growing tired of waiting for BLACKPINK to comeback

BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK) are exhausted at the complete silence from YG Entertainment and growing tired of waiting.

Recently on April 26, Korean news sites teased a possible BLACKPINK comeback in June. This first return after 1 year and 6 months has also been confirmed by YG Entertainment, but fans were unable to be excited for long. Suddenly, YG released a statement that greatly disappoint the fandom of BLACKPINK, which said: “BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule has not been finalized yet”.  

Despite being ignored many times by YG Entertainment, fans have always loved and waited for the 4 girls. However, the situation this time is said to be the worst because the fandom is all feeling frustrated and disappointed because the company only cares about profits from advertising activities, and individual activities… instead of letting the group make a joint comeback.

Black Pink’s fans are now fed up of waiting for the group for so long.

Black Pink‘s most recent comeback with a full 4-member lineup was when they released their first full album “The Album” in October 2020. This also means that the group has not had any joint music promotion activities for nearly 19 months. Meanwhile, the members have hinted at a comeback many times recently, but in the end, nothing is confirmed.

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