SHINee’s Key and Minho Show Up to Support Taemin’s Solo Concert, Onew Couldn’t Make It

SHINee members, except for Onew, who is on hiatus, gathered for maknae Taemin’s concert

On December 16th and 17th, SHINee’s Taemin held his third solo concert, “TAEMIN SOLO CONCERT: METAMORPH,” in Incheon, Korea.

Taemin expressed, “Whenever you all shout and call my name, it feels exciting. It makes my heart race a lot.” He thanked the fans for their enthusiastic fanchant, “Listening from the backstage, warm emotions welled up.”


Taemin mentioned SHINee members, “Our members came to see me today. Where are they? I can’t see them well,” as he looked for Key and Minho.

He expressed gratitude to the busy members, “Thank you so much to the two members for coming. Before the concert, Key playfully told me that Minho hyung wouldn’t come. When Minho appeared, he said, ‘Taemin, Hyung is here!'” 

Taemin added, “I hope you come to see us again when SHINee (holds a concert) with all the members.”

He continued, “Above all, thanks to all the Shawols who came despite the cold. I love you.”

Source: nate

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