Park Jin-young Recalls His Divorce, “For Two Years After That, I Only Enjoyed Parties”

Singer Park Jin-young talked about the time when he wandered due to divorce and business failures

On November 21st, Park Jin-young appeared on the YouTube channel “SUNG SI KYUNG”.

Park Jin-young

In the video, Park Jin-young confessed, “Even when I got married, I still felt 1% empty”, adding “I divorced and became single. I lived in a hotel penthouse and enjoyed parties for 4-5 days. I was like that for about two years”.

He continued, “One day, I woke up in the morning and found people criticizing me everywhere. What I said to myself at that time was ‘Ha~You idiot’”, adding “I sent people away and never did it again.”

Park Jin-young shared, “With an empty head, I never considered music as my ultimate goal. I believed that doing music was just a job and that happiness came from interpersonal relationships. But I realized that I couldn’t live like that anymore”.

Regarding the reason behind his religious belief, Park Jin-young said, “At that time, I thought I couldn’t live without knowing where I was born and where I would go after death so I looked into all the major religions around the world to find the answers”. He added, “At the end of October 2012, I knelt by my bed with the Bible. I think it was the only thing that I studied harder than music with the determination to read until the last page.”

Source: Naver

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