Park Hye Eun, first filming but eliminated from drama ‘Twilight’

Rookie Park Hye Eun came to the first filming, but was eliminated from the drama due to her lack of acting skills.

An official from a drama bureau told The Daily Sports on the 8th, “Park Hye Eun was casted as the heroine of tvN’s highly anticipated ‘Twilight’, but she recently stepped down.”

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The newcomer Park Hye Eun has become a hot topic since the news that she was cast as the heroine of ‘Welcome’. She finished script reading with Lee Jae Wook, Arin, and Hwang Min-hyun, and even went on to the first filming, but her acting skills were very lacking. In the end, after discussion among the production crew, it was finally decided for her to leave the drama. Because of this, ‘Twilight’ is currently looking for another female lead, and filming has been stopped. Although it is not often that an actor leaves after filming, the reason for ‘lack of acting ability’ is exceedingly rare.

‘Twilight’ is a tvN’s historical drama about young magicians who deal with nature’s secrets. The script was written by the Hong sisters of ‘Sassy Girl Chun-hyang’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Couple or Trouble’ and ‘Hotel Del Luna’, and directed by Park Jun-hwa, the director of ‘Because This Is My First Life’ and ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’.

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