Park Eun-bin On “Castaway Diva” Not Reaching “Woo Young-woo”’s Level Of Popularity, “Excessive Pressure Can Be Toxic”

Actress Park Eun-bin recently played the role of aspiring singer Seo Mok-ha in tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Castaway Diva”

Park Eun-bin recently had an interview with CBS NoCut News to talk about her role in “Castaway Diva.”

In this interview, the reporter said, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” seems to have become a standard for Park Eun-bin’s work. I think that could be another burden for you.”

park eun bin

To which, the actress responded, “I wonder how many opportunities there are in an actor’s life to have an “syndrome” role like Woo Young-woo. So I don’t want to compare future works based on that. I don’t think I would think of a production as whether it is as successful as “Woo Young-woo.” Since excessive pressure is toxic, it never leads me to a better direction. I can feel pressure to the extent that it inspires my sense of responsibility, but it’s hard for me to endure beyond that.”

She added, “I’m glad that you evaluate “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” as a representative production of my career. However, I plan on continuing my life. So if I go in the right direction, I think someday it will come true.”

Park recalled, “I actually expected the ratings of “Castaway Diva” to be around 3% on the first broadcast, and I thought it was okay, but all the articles (comparing it with “Woo Young-woo”) were too serious.”

Source: CBS NoCut News

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