Oh My Girl’s Mimi Confesses to Getting Lip Fillers

Oh My Girl’s Mimi admits she got lip fillers

On September 20th, Oh My Girl’s Mimi confessed to getting lip fillers on MBC’s program ‘Radio Star.’ The 835th episode of ‘Radio Star’ featured Baek Ji Young, Lim Won Hee, Jung Suk Yong, and Mimi as guests. Comedian Jang Do Yeon also joined as a new permanent MC, attracting attention.

oh my girl mimi

Baek Ji Young said, “I became a fan of Mimi after watching ‘Earth Arcade.’ I initiated the contact first. But as it turned out, we were on the same dance team. I told her I was a fan and we took photos together.” To this, Mimi replied, “Actually, I had already met sunbaenim (Baek Ji Young) before. When our practice times overlapped, I cheered for her.”

oh my girl mimi

Amid the warm atmosphere between Baek Ji Young and Mimi, the MCs remarked, “Your lips look similar.” Baek Ji Young casually asked Mimi, “Is yours natural?” Mimi candidly confessed, “I gradually got them done. I just refined the shape a bit. My gums are extremely dry, so it sticks to them.”

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