NOZE encouraged her members after WAY B was eliminated from ‘Street Woman Fighter”

NOZE expressed her regret after being eliminated from “Street Woman Fighter”.

On September 15, NOZE posted her feelings about appearing on “Street Woman Fighter” on her Instagram: “Everyone, thank you for supporting me.”

NOZE also gave her sweet words to WAY B members; she wrote, “It was a great opportunity that would help us grow up stronger. To the members of WAY B, who always followed my lead without complaining, thank you so much. You did a great job.”

Lastly, he emphasized, “This is not the end. Let’s take this as a solid base and fly even higher.”

In the latest episode of “Street Woman Fighter” aired on September 14, WAY B was eliminated after losing the battle against PROWDMON in the mission “4 top legends of KPOP”.

In this mission, WAY B interpreted CL’s ‘Doctor Pepper’ and ‘Hello Bitches’ in their own style. Even CL, the original singer of the songs, praised WAY B after watching their performance; she said, “The whole performance of WAY B looks clear and well-organized.”. However, the winner turned out to be PROWDMON. After that, WAY B also lost to CocaNButter in the elimination battle and became the first crew to be eliminated from the show.

NOZE shed tears while saying, “We did our best, so instead of saying we lost, we want to think of this as an accomplishment. I hope everyone enjoyed their dance performances.”

NOZE has become famous after appearing in “Street Woman Fighter” as the leader of WAYB crew. Previously known as Kai’s backup dancer, she showed off explosive performances with her perfect visual and outstanding skills. With more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, she is currently as hot as a celebrity.

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