Not just one official cover, Jungkook even prepared this for the cover song of his idol IU

Jungkook suddenly released an official cover of the song “Ending Scene” of IU, but fans notice something more special

About 1 month ago, Jungkook uploaded a short video covering this song on Twitter. But this famous fanboy seemed like he wasn’t satisfied with that cover because he immediately said that he got some of the last notes wrong.

Jungkook‘s cover of “Ending Scene” uploaded on Twitter 1 month ago.

Perhaps that is part of the reason that Jungkook decided to release the official audio for “Ending Scene”. And last night, on January 23, 2019, the youngest of BTS has suddenly released the cover version on the official SoundCloud of BTS. But the most special thing is that this is the first time a cover from BTS has 2 versions for 1 cover song, maybe because this is the song of his idol, so Jungkook has invested more.

“Ending Scene” Jungkook cover ver.1
“Ending Scene” Jungkook cover ver.2

Two versions with two different piano compositions, plus the sweet and inspiring vocals of Jungkook made the cover immediately “storm” in BTS fan community in particular and Kpop fans worldwide in general. After just 2 hours of release, “Ending Scene” immediately trending # 1 on the real-time search panel of Korea’s largest digital music site MelOn and # 14 of South Korea’s largest portal, Naver, and version 1 was also quickly reached more than 500k streams on Soundcloud. Jungkook name also reached trending twitter in many countries.

Jungkook quickly stirred up the social network with his sweet voice.

The cover is expected to continue to trend on social networks and rankings because of the excellent vocals of the BTS youngest. If IU hears this cover, she will definitely be happy with the enthusiasm and investment of this lovely fanboy for his song.

Source: kenh14

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