The recent status of a former female idol who got married to the neighbor living next door to her for 8 years

Moon Hyun Ah, a former member of Nine Muses, announced her second pregnancy.

On December 4th, former Nine Muses member Moon Hyun Ah posted a photo of her son on Instagram and announced the news of her second pregnancy.

In the released photo, Moon Hyun Ah was wearing a white dress and standing next to her son. She added the caption, “With the kid who will become a big brother next year. See you in February”, revealing that her daughter is expected to be born in February 2023. 

nine muses moon hyun ah

In response to Moon Hyun Ah’s post, another former Nine Muses member Min Ha commented, “So pretty”, praising Moon Hyun Ah’s beauty, which does not change even though she’s been pregnant for the second time.

Moon Hyun Ah also received congratulations and blessings from many other acquaintances, such as singer-actress Park In Young (Super Junior Lee Teuk’s older sister) who commented “Great! It’s your second child. Congratulations, Hyun Ah.”

When member Jae Kyung left Nine Muses, her vacancy was replaced by Moon Hyun Ah, who won a supermodel contest with the eldest member Lee Sem.

nine muses moon hyun ah

Before becoming a member of Nine Muses, Moon Hyun Ah had been modeling and playing minor roles in movies. The fact that Moon Hyun Ah had never received any training but made her debut immediately after being recruited proves that she has both good skills and visual.

Nine Muses failed to make a big hit even after Moon Hyun Ah joined and also took a somewhat unusual step by adjusting its member lineup many times. The group started to make progress in 2012 and reached their heyday in 2013 as the first idol to have a comeback showcase in the military.

Nine Muses

Nine Muses had another successful year in 2015. However, when facing the crisis of the “7-year curse” in 2016, many members, including Moon Hyun Ah, announced their withdrawals.

After leaving Nine Muses, Moon Hyun Ah appeared at fashion events and continued her activities by writing essay books and releasing single albums. 

In 2017, Moon Hyun Ah announced her marriage to a non-celebrity, who is 7 years older than her. She then appeared on an SBS program and talked about her love story.

nine muses moon hyun ah

Moon Hyun Ah said that she had known him even before debuting in Nine Muses and that he was a man living next door to her house. Revealing that she could feel like being with her husband when she leaned against the wall, Moon Hyun Ah added, “Like there was no privacy, I listened to music that the man next door turned on for almost a year”.

Internet users reacted enthusiastically to Moon Hyun Ah’s drama-like love story, saying that it reminded them of the drama “Another Miss Oh”, and raised interest in the handsome appearance of her husband.

nine muses moon hyun ah

Mentioning her husband in an interview, Moon Hyun Ah said, “Before my debut, his company went bankrupt and he even took on debt”. She continued, “During the time when I was active in Nine Muses, he was my spiritual pillar. He enlightened me a lot when I didn’t know what to do, when I got stressed out, or when I was having a hard time with complicated feelings”, showing her affection for her husband.

Meanwhile, Moon Hyun Ah got married in 2017 and is currently working under her husband’s company. She gave birth to her first son in June 2020 and is currently staying in Guam for her second pregnancy. 

Source: Daum

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