Overcoming the side effects of medicines, Park Bom showed off her healthy and hardworking appearance

Singer Park Bom showed up in front of fans with a healthy appearance.

On January 16th, Park Bom posted a new photo on her Instagram with the caption “Bom at the airport”. Park Bom returned to Korea on the same day after finishing her performance at the Grand Wave KPOP Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the morning of January 15th.

park bom

In the released picture, Park Bom slightly uncovered her mask and showed her healthy face.

park bom

Park Bom was rumored to have suffered health abnormalities after gaining too much weight at the Pop Festival 2022 held in the Philippines last year. Earlier, she lost from 70kg to 59kg then gained weight again. When reporting about her successful diet, Park Bom also revealed that she suffered the side effects of medicines, saying “I had a hard time dieting because of the medicine I take for ADD treatment. It’s okay since I still lost weight. I lost some weight, reduced the amount of medicine I take, and have become healthier”.

park bom

Meanwhile, Park Bom released her new album “Remembered” last year.

Park Bom

Source: Nate

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