Not achieving high ratings, ‘The Killing Vote’ still caused a buzz

Even though the ratings are not extremely impressive, this South Korean drama has received positive responses from viewers.

At the moment, “Mask Girl” and “Moving” are two names making waves on social media. However, alongside these, the Korean drama scene still has other series that might not create as much buzz but are definitely worth watching, including “The Killing Vote.”

The Killing Vote
The stellar cast of “The Killing Vote”

This work starred actor Park Hae Jin, veteran Park Sung Woong, and Lim Ji Yeon. The story revolves around the main characters attempting to unveil the true identity of Gaetal. He is an individual who personally executes heinous criminals in ways that somehow allow him to escape legal consequences. Prior to each action, he seeks the opinions of citizens above 18 years old. If more than 50% of the people support the death penalty, then Gaetal takes action.

 Killing Vote"
The latest work of Lim Ji Yeon has been praised for its extraordinary storyline.

Currently, “The Killing Vote” has aired 3 out of 12 episodes. Although the ratings for the latest episode are at 4.1%, the responses from viewers who are following the drama have been quite positive. Here are a few noteworthy comments from Mydramalist:

  • Up until now, I’ve truly enjoyed the drama. Releasing only one episode per week prompts viewers to discuss about episode throughout the entire week. Up to this point, we still can’t figure out who Gaetal is, and whether the male lead is actually a villain. I’ve become a fan of the show.
  • This is genuinely a well-made piece. Fans of the crime and horror genre will undoubtedly enjoy this drama.
  • A super intriguing drama. I’m always looking forward to watching the next episode.
  • The chemistry between the male and female leads is fantastic, though this isn’t exactly a romantic drama.
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