Why was aespa Ningning blocked on her way to France?

Fans hope that Ningning can soon join the group’s schedule this time

Aespa departed for Paris, France via Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 30th to prepare for the Paris Fashion Week schedule.

However, only Karina, Giselle and Winter appeared at the airport. After that, SM made an announcement on Kwangya Club about the reason why Ningning didn’t go to the airport with the other members.

Specifically, SM said: “Today, aespa set off to attend the GIVENCHY 2023 S/S fashion show in Paris, France. But NingNing could not depart with the members because of some visa approval issues. Therefore, NingNing will continue to join the schedule as soon as possible if the visa approval is confirmed.”

France is known for having a strict visa application process for Chinese citizens. In the case of Korean citizens, it is possible to enter France without a visa. An aviation official said, “In the case of France, the entry restrictions on Chinese nationals due to Corona 19 have been completely lifted as of August 1.”

Earlier, Victoria, a former Chinese member of f(x), once explained in a story behind the SM Town concert in June 2011, “When I came to Paris, it was difficult to get a visa because I was not Korean.”

Meanwhile, aespa is now working as GIVENCHY’s ambassador. The group started a relationship with this fashion house in 2021, right after their debut, showing their potential in the fashion world.

Source: Nate

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