Brave Brothers cleared of charges such as forgery of private documents… Decision not to appeal

Singer Kim Samuel, who is in dispute with Brave Entertainment, filed a lawsuit against the representative producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Cheol), but the police concluded that he is clear of charges and the investigation was closed.

Brave Brothers cleared of charges such as forgery of private documents... Decision not to appeal

According to an entertainment agency on the 28th, on the 25th, the police decided to discharge Brave Brothers on forgery and embezzlement of private documents charges.

Kim Samuel filed a lawsuit against Brave in May 2019 to confirm the existence of an exclusive contract and the trial is ongoing. Samuel Kim claimed that the trust relationship with Brave Brothers has been broken, arguing about the wrong contract signing and settlement-related issues.

However, Brave argued that there was no unfair treatment. Rather, Samuel complained that he suffered damage by being unilaterally refused to proceed with certain schedules without justifiable reasons. In May last year, Brave also filed a lawsuit for damages worth 1 billion won against Kim Samuel.

In the midst of the dispute, Samuel Kim filed a criminal complaint against Brave Entertainment‘s representative Brave Brothers, alleging forgery of private documents and embezzlement of public funds. The police investigated Brave Brothers and some employees of Brave Entertainment for several months, but decided not to send the case to the prosecution because there were no charges.

The decision not to appeal is expected to affect the direction of the ongoing lawsuit between Samuel and Brave Brothers to confirm the non-existence of the exclusive contract.

Source: Nate

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