Actress Rewarded 10 Trillion Won for Childbirth, Now Pregnant with 5th Child

An actress is welcoming her 5th child after receiving approximately 10 trillion won for childbirth from her wealthy boyfriend.

According to Chinese media on February 22, Taiwanese actress Pace Wu is pregnant with her 5th child. It is expected that she will receive another enormous sum of money as she has received support from her boyfriend – the conglomerate heir Xiaobo, every time she gives birth.

Pace Wu officially declared retirement from the entertainment industry in 2014. Within 6 years, she had four children, 2 sons and 2 daughters, with Chinese conglomerate heir Xiaobo in Hong Kong. The two are dating but not married, and it has been reported that Pace Wu is now pregnant with her 5th child. 

pace wu childbirth

In the past, Pace Wu is known to have been “rewarded” a total of 23.2 billion Taiwanese dollars (approximately 9.8 trillion won, or 7.5 billion USD) from Xiaobo for their 4 children.

Recently, Pace Wu was spotted attending Taylor Swift’s concert live in Tokyo with her close friend. Her appearance, which seemed to indicate pregnancy, was captured by netizens and reported in the media.

Meanwhile, local media reported that after giving birth to her first child, Pace Wu received astronomical sums of money from her conglomerate heir boyfriend, and her current assets are reported to be at a level comparable to a tycoon in China. 

In addition, it was previously reported that Pace Wu had caused a stir by purchasing expensive luxury homes in Hong Kong.

Source: Nate

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