NewJeans’ Remix Album “NJWMX” Does Well on Korean Music Charts

Embracing the winter sentiment, NewJeans’ Remix Album “NJWMX” is garnering positive responses on major Korean music charts

As of 9 AM on December 20, six tracks from NewJeans‘ remix album “NJWMX” (short for NewJeans Winter Mix) entered the real-time charts on Bugs. In particular, “Ditto – 250 Remix” landed at 11th place, “OMG – FRNK Remix” at 23rd, “Attention – 250 Remix” at 33rd, “Hype Boy – 250 Remix” at 47th, “Cookie – FRNK Remix” at 75th, and “Hurt – 250 Remix” at 94th.

It seems that NewJeans’ power to put all songs on the chart whenever a new album is released has also been replicated with their remix album. Among the 12 tracks on “NJWMX”, all have entered Korean charts, except for the instrumentals. 


Notable, despite being remix versions of familiar songs such as “Ditto”, “OMG”, and “Hype Boy,” which swept Korean domestic music charts in the first quarter of this year, these songs continue to enjoy simultaneous popularity.

With the entry of their remix tracks into Korean music charts, NewJeans’ presence has become even more robust. Among Melon’s “Top 100” chart (as of 9 AM on the 20th), 7 songs belong to NewJeans. In real-time charts on Bugs and Genie, this number falls around 15 and 12, respectively. Showcasing their chart-topping prowess, NewJeans’ status as a “music powerhouse” has been further assured..

Meanwhile, “NJWMX” is an album released on the first anniversary of “Ditto”, a representative NewJeans winter song. It serves as a special gift that encapsulates NewJeans’ desire to spend this winter together with their fandom, Bunnies (Tokkis).

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ second EP, “Get Up”, released in July, rose by 18 positions on the latest Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200” (as of December 23rd), ranking 138th compared to the previous week. Thus, “Get Up” continued its chart presence on the “Billboard 200” for 21 consecutive weeks, after entering the chart at No.1 back in August.

Source: Daum

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