NewJeans Adorns the Cover of Billboard Magazine, “lead a new era of female influence”

Gir group NewJeans recently adorned the cover of Billboard magazine for an edition focusing on “Women in Music”.

On February 28 (local time), Billboard published photos and interviews with NewJeans against the backdrop of a hanok (traditional Korean house). Billboard introduced NewJeans as a group who debuted in July 2022 and quickly rose to the top of the K-pop scene, at the same time highlighting their remarkable global success and infectious energy that has won the hearts of fans worldwide.

While it was once accepted industry wisdom that only boy bands could build a core fandom and widespread commercial success (selling both albums and concert tickets), NewJeans is part of a girl-group generation that has done both, shifting the paradigm of what achievement entails for young female groups”, the magazine wrote. 


Billboard then attributed this phenomenon to Min Hee-jin, the general producer of NewJeans, calling her an innovative leader and a rare woman to lead a K-pop label.

In the interview with Billboard, NewJeans humbly stated that before debut, Min Hee-jin told them that she wanted to do something fresh and different. “She wanted it to be, no matter who you are, no matter what age or gender, you can listen to it and enjoy it. So I think with that came the easy listening music”, said member Danielle. 

Regarding their future aspirations, Haerin said, “I want our songs to move people. My goal is not only to have songs that are emotional but also to share the emotions with people onstage and through our music.” 


Meanwhile, Minji expressed her wish for NewJeans’ music to be remembered for a long time, such as thinking of last winter when listening to “Ditto”. 

On the other hand, NewJeans is the only K-pop female artist to make the list of recipients at the “Billboard Women in Music Awards this year. The girl group is also set to perform at the awards ceremony to be held in Los Angeles, USA, on March 6.

Source: Billboard, Daum

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