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New Zealand brothers, buy BTS’ goods -> visit BTS’ favorite restaurant

New Zealand brothers’ pilgrimage to BTS destinations was depicted on “Welcome, First Time in Korea?” .

MBC Every1’s “Welcome, First Time in Korea?” New Zealand episode, which aired on Oct 27th, recorded 3.18% in the metropolitan area. The highest ratings per minute soared to 3.8%, breaking this year’s highest ratings. It showed viewers’ enthusiasm for New Zealand brothers.

welcome - first time in korea

On this day’s broadcast, the brothers made a pilgrimage to BTS destinations for David, an ARMY. David bought BTS goods gifts for his co-workers at the goods shop and visited the restaurant where BTS often visited during trainee days. He showed his “successful fan” aspect as he could not hide his emotions.

Besides, when visiting the amusement park, the brothers caused laughter by dragging David, who is afraid of rides, around, saying “You have no choice”.

Regarding the pleasant trip of the likable brothers, viewers raised expectations for the rest of the trip through comments such as “Such a legend”, “It’s the first time I envy this family of four” and “It’s heartwarming to see you guys together.”

Source: daum

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