New Jeans Haerin in 3rd place and Hanni in 2nd place, the first place in ‘January Female Idol Brand Reputation’ is…

The January idol individual brand reputation rankings were released.

On the 24th, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the brand reputation rankings for singers (total) for January. The ranking is the result of analyzing singer brand big data from the 24th of last month to the 24th of this month. According to the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute, the brand reputation rankings of female idols in January were NewJeans Haerin in 3rd, NewJeans Hanni in 2nd, and NewJeans Minji in 1st place.

They were followed by NewJeans Hyein, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation Yoona, and Red Velvet Joy as female singers in the brand reputation ranking. 

Top 30 of the idol individual brand reputation ranking in January is

  1. BTS Jimin
  2. NewJeans Minji
  3. BTS Jungkook
  4. Astro Cha Eunwoo
  5. NewJeans Hanni
  6. NewJeans Haerin
  7. BTS V
  8. BTS Jin
  9. Blackpink Jennie
  10. Blackpink Jisoo
  11. Big Bang’s Taeyang
  12. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel
  13. NewJeans’ Hyein
  14. Wanna One’s Park Jihoon
  15. Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun
  16. Big Bang’s G-Dragon
  17. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
  18. BTS’ Suga
  19. BTS’s RM
  20. BTS’s J-Hope
  21. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona
  22. Red Velvet’s Joy
  23. NCT Mark
  24. SNSD Seohyun
  25. Oh My Girl Arin
  26. Le Sserafim Kim Chae Won
  27. Winner Song Min Ho
  28. Aespa Karina
  29. Le Sserafim Kazuha
  30. aespa Winter

Source: Wikitree

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