Lee Byung-hun’s Wife Lee Min-jung Prepared For Second Birth, “I’m Really Nervous”

Actress Lee Min-jung has begun preparing for childbirth in earnest

On November 26th, Lee Min-jung posted about the various childcare products with the name “Birdie” she prepared as her daughter is about to be born.

A luxurious bib and a cute rabbit bag embroidered with the name “Birdie” were prepared for a gift just for her second child. Lee Min-jung wrote, “I’m really nervous because there’s not much time left,” adding, “The days that will unfold in front of me.” She continued, “I’ve been raising my first child, so I’m worried and excited about raising my second child.”

lee min jung

Previously, her husband Lee Byung-hun won the Best Actor Award for his film “Concrete Utopia” at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on the 24th. He said in his acceptance speech, “Actually, our second one will be born next month. I named her Birdie. Lee Min-jung, our son, and Birdie, who are watching at home now, I want to give them this honor. Nice Birdie!”

Meanwhile, Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung married in August 2013 and have a son named Jun-hoo.

Source: Nate

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