Netizens Shocked by NCT’s Jaemin’s Similarity to Nam Goong Min

Recently, a topic titled “I never noticed Nam Goong Min resembled NCT’s Jaemin, but this video took me aback” was published on the Korean forum Instiz. 

In particular, the topic attached a video published by Nam Goong Min back on December 7, 2023, where the actor can be seen sitting against a white backdrop and looking at the camera. 

“I thought it was Jaemin, but as I checked the Instagram handle, I was shocked to discover it was actually Nam Goong Min. Their resemblance was uncanny”, the author of the topic also wrote. 

Under the comment section, many fans can be seen agreeing with the author of the topic. In fact, some also found another video showing the two stars’ uncanny similarity, not just in their appearance but also in their speech pattern and voice. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • These two people are truly doppelgangers…
  • I hope they meet just once so we can see the resemblance in all its glory…
  • Nam Goong Min is basically a “spoiler” on how Jaemin would be when he grows up
  • Even their voices are similar… Are they secret brothers?
  • It’s amazing to see how uncannily similar the two of them are…

Source: Instiz, theqoo, KB

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