“Best New Actress” Award winner, Bona. “Thank you for loving Yurim” [2022 Korea Drama Awards]

Actor Kim Do-hoon, actress Lee Woo-hee, and Bona received the 2022 Korea Drama Awards “Best New Actor/Actress” award.

At 6 p.m. on the 8th, 13 awards ceremonies for the “2022 Korea Drama Awards” were held at the Grand Theater of the Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Center in Jinju, hosted by announcer Kim Hwan and Gong Seo-young.

Singer and actress Bona. Source: Korea Drama Festival Organizing Committee

Actor Kim Do-hoon, who received the “Best Male Actor” award for his performance in SBS’ “Today’s Webtoon,” thanked viewers, producers, and other fellow actors, agencies and families, saying, “I am happy and honored to receive the award while doing what I like and want to do.” He then said, “I will always be a hot actor,” adding, “I think words have power.” “I will become a person who can speak out loud good words with good thoughts,” he said.

The “Female Rookie of the Year” award was a joint award. Actress Lee Woo-hee, who won the “Best New Actress” award for SBS’s “In-house Meeting” said, “I didn’t know I would get it,” adding, “I will try to grow into an attractive and in-depth actress by working harder and showing various sides in the future.” “Please remember me,” she said.

Woohee Kim do hoon
Actor Kim Do Hoon and actress Lee Woo-hee. Source: Korea Drama Festival Organizing Committee

Singer and actress Bona, who won the “Best New Actress” award for her role in tvN’s “Twenty-five, Twenty-one,” said, “I would like to say thank you to those who loved Yu-rim. I was grateful just to be with such talented writers, directors, staff and senior actors since I started filming last summer.” She added, “I will continue to work hard to greet you with good acting and acting.”

Hosted by the Korea Drama Festival Organizing Committee and sponsored by Gyeongnam Province, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Jinju City, the 2022 Korea Drama Festival will continue to meet domestic and foreign drama fans until Nov 3rd.

Source: daum

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