Netizens Recall Lee Na-eun’s Remarks About Ideal Type 4 Years Ago Amid Her Dating Rumor With Lee Kang-in

The first dating rumor of 2024 belongs to footballer Lee Kang-in and former April member Lee Na-eun, which was reported by The Fact. As Lee Na-eun’s side already denied the actress’s romance with the footballer, the rumor is expected to end if there’s no more proof.

Following the rumors, fans of Lee Kang-in even re-examined Lee Na-eun’s mention of her ideal type in the past, hoping that the dating rumor was not true. 

Lee Na-eun once drew attention when she revealed herself as a fan of actor Lee Je-hoon and picked him as her ideal type on a broadcast.

The fact that Lee Na-eun is a fan of Lee Je-hoon was already famous among April’s fans in the past. Some male fans even attended Lee Je-hoon’s fansigning event to get his autograph for Lee Na-eun.

Appearing on a radio broadcast in 2020, Lee Na-eun also expressed her extraordinary admiration for Lee Je-hoon, saying “Thank you for being born”. Back in 2017, she also picked Lee Je-hoon as her ideal type without hesitation.

Later, Lee Na-eun got an opportunity to work with Lee Je-hoon in “Taxi Driver, but she dropped out of the cast before the filming started due to the accusations of being a school violence perpetrator and bullying April members. Since then, the actress has been on a long hiatus.

Lee Na Eun

On January 2nd, The Fact released dating photos of idol-turned-actress Lee Na-eun and Lee Kang-in. The media pointed out that the two enjoyed a car date in the parking lot of the national football team’s accommodation ahead of a match on November 14th, 2023.

The two also reportedly spent time together at Lee Na-eun’s house in Guri, Gyeonggi-do after the match, on the 17th, and Lee Kang-in even showed his consideration by buying ice cream for the actress.

Lee kang in

However, soon after the dating rumor broke out, Lee Na-euns agency Namoo Actors denied it, saying “They are not lovers. They only met to give tickets for football matches”.

In response to the rumor, a netizen drew attention as they commented, “Whether it is true or not, it seems that the actress is cautious because she will resume activities soon. With this incident, Lee Kang-in’s fandom may make a fuss and disrupt her activities by bringing up her past issues”.

Source: Wikitree

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