Netizens re-examine the last SNS post of Japanese actress who died not long after revealing her bold ambitions

A Japanese actress passed away not long after revealing her bold ambitions

According to Japanese media outlets, actress Ikawa Rune passed away on Nov 18th at the age of 31.

With the news of Ikawa Rune’s death, attention has been drawn to her last SNS post.

On Nov 9th, Ikawa Rune expressed her affection for fans, “I’m deeply moved and thankful that I’m still in the hearts of the fans who always support me, not being forgotten.”

Rune Igawa

She added, “Although I’m currently unable to work due to circumstances, I’ll strive to not be forgotten in the future, so I ask for your continued interest.”

Her unfortunate death not long after posting such sentiments left fans unable to hide their sorrow.

Ikawa Rune participated in the film “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” and the “Kantai Collection” series. She also made a significant impact on popular variety shows like “Wednesday’s Downtown”.

Source: Wikitree

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