Netizens Re-examine Singers’ Responses To Singing Controversy: Lee Hyo-ri, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon And More

Controversies over singers’s singing skills emerged long ago but they have occurred so frequently in the new generations

Recently, controversies over idol singers lacking singing abilities arose so frequently that the public is re-examining the encore live stages of all idols. Amid controversy, the girl group LE SSERAFIM further fueled criticism due to their poor singing skills at the US festival Coachella despite preparing a grand performance of 40 minutes with 10 songs. 

As the singing controversy continues, many netizens also look back on how controversial singers responded to the issue.

First of all, it’s the story of Lee Hyo-ri, who debuted with Fin.K.L in 1998 and is still active as a top star. Having presented many splendid stages and established her name in the Korean music industry as a sexy icon, Lee Hyo-ri could not avoid criticism over her unstable pitch and breathing while singing.

lee hyori

During her era, many talented vocalists were still active and idols basically had to perform live all the time. If anyone lip-synced on a music show, they would be criticized for being incompetent. Facing her singing controversy back then, Lee Hyo-ri appeared on a TV show and honestly said, “I admit that I have shortcomings. I was worried a lot about the fact that I could not reach higher notes with my voice like other singers did. But I never thought of giving up or saying ‘I can’t do it’. I began to wonder what I could do to make myself stand out from others”.

On another broadcast, she talked about her new song with only medium and low notes, saying “It suits me perfectly”. In response to criticism over the song having no high notes, she coolly shared, “It’s easier for me to sing live. The song is perfect for me”.

Several idols successfully reversed negative public opinion by confidently accepting feedback and acknowledging their faults. It was the case of Miyeon, the main vocalist of (G)I-DLE, after she performed a live stage at the MBC Drama Awards last year. 


Known for her calm and beautiful voice, Miyeon was embroiled in controversy over her unstable voice at the event. The next day, Miyeon released an apology on her personal SNS account, saying “I was too nervous that I failed to reach the pitch perfectly. I monitored the stage and I realized that the viewers must have been so surprised. I’m sorry to people who felt disappointed by my celebration performance. I will work harder to become a better Miyeon in the future”.

Former Wonder Girls member Ahn So-hee, who was known by the nickname “Nation’s Younger” and is currently active as an actress, also had a hard time due to controversy over her singing skills in the past. During her heyday, after Wonder Girls released numerous hit songs, Ahn So-hee was humiliated as a “singer with the worst singing skills chosen by vocal trainers”.

ahn so hee

Appearing on a broadcast, Ahn So-hee said, “I know that I still lack many skills, so I’ve been practicing more while preparing for the new album. It was great to have an opportunity to focus on practice”, showing her efforts to overcome the controversy. 

In addition, even “performance queen” Son Dam-bi could not avoid negative responses over her singing skills. Also known as a sexy solo artist, Son Dam-bi once revealed her strong mindset after suffering the controversy over her vocal, saying “It was tough at first, but as time went by, I gradually accept it. I believe that I have no choice but to work harder to prove myself in the future.”

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