Netizens Doubt BLACKPINK Lisa’s Rumored 50 Billion Won Contract Offer, YG Responds

Netizens are buzzing with speculation about BLACKPINK Lisa reportedly rejecting a contract extension offer from YG worth 50 billion won

This revelation has sent fans into a frenzy, with concerns arising about the future of BLACKPINK if Lisa doesn’t renew her contract with YG. However, skeptics have been quick to question the credibility of this rumor.

lisa blackpink

According to data from Statista, YG reported an operating profit of 50.5 billion won in 2022, with a net profit of 46.6 billion won. This has raised eyebrows, as the proposal of a contract renewal equal to the entire year’s operating profit seems, to many, quite unreasonable.

Some netizens are puzzled by the 50 billion won figure, given the financial facts. Typically, contract renewal deposits for idols are considerably lower, often around 2 billion won, with profit-sharing terms to be negotiated separately.

lisa blackpink

Others have expressed their bewilderment, stating that the concept of such a large sum is hard to fathom. In any case, many are waiting for an official statement, with some speculating that more details will be provided after the conclusion of BLACKPINK’s final Seoul concert.

Addressing the rumors, a YG representative officially commented on the matter on September 15th, “We are still in discussions regarding the contract renewal with Lisa. None of the rumors currently circulating have been confirmed.”

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