Fans announce plan to take legal action against defamation towards Yoo Ah In and demand an official position from the actor

While the police are still investigating actor Yoo Ah In’s habitual use of Propofol allegations, Yoo Ah In fans asked for a detailed explanation.

Yoo Ah In Gallery posted on the online community DC Inside on February 11th, saying, “Since suspicions against Yoo Ah In began to arise, longtime fans have been keeping a close eye on the actor’s cast. Judging that we cannot bear this situation anymore, we decide to release this statement.”

Yoo Ah-in

First, Yoo Ah In Gallery criticized the investigation into Yoo Ah In’s allegations, claiming that it has excessively violated the actor’s human rights as details of the investigation are being openly disclosed through the media in the process. They said, “Fans strongly suspect that Yoo Ah In’s case is being used to divert public attention away from the political problems.”

They continued, “Although Yoo Ah In has always been in the public’s attention as a celebrity, isn’t it unreasonable that the investigation process is disclosed through the media?”, adding “This has resulted in serious defamation. If the situation continues, fans will take legal action.”

yoo ah in

In addition, the fan community also urged Yoo Ah In to give an explanation as soon as possible. 

They said, “Why are you silent about the suspicions? Where has the ‘human Uhm Hong Sik (Yoo Ah In’s real name)’, who expressed extraordinary beliefs and philosophies about his life and career, disappeared?”, adding “If you are not ashamed of the allegations, please explain them in detail through an official position and end the controversy.” 

They emphasized, “That’s the ‘duty of a celebrity’ you claimed”.

Source: daum

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