Airport Fashion Rankings: ‘Best’ Moon Ga-young, Jeon Somi & Yuqi VS ‘Worst’ Kim Se-jeong, Joy & Yeri

Fans were able to meet many stars at the airports departing for the Milan Fashion Week and SM Town concert in Japan

YTN Entertainment News released the fashion rankings this week. While Moon Ga-young, Jeon Somi, and Yuqi showed off their natural and sophisticated styles, the outfits of Kim Se-jeong, Joy, and Yeri left regrets.

◆ Best – Moon Ga-young

Despite wearing an all-black set, the actress still created a bright atmosphere by matching a neat and feminine tweed jacket with shorts and chunky heeled shoes in a witty and sensible way. The outfit further highlighted Moon Ga-young’s elegance and lively charm. In particular, it was the tweed jacket that changed the mood of her outfit.

Moon Ga-young

◆ Best – Jeon Somi

With her bright hair color, Jeon Somi wore a khaki and brown set of outfits to showcase her unique soft visual and charisma at the same time, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Her oversized jacket and miniskirt made of leather helped the female singer look funky and hip. From her clothes to her bag and shoes, Jeon Somi’s styling presents a good balance. 

Jeon Somi

◆ Best – Yuqi

The fashionable leather jacket and wide pants gave the spotlight to Yuqi’s body proportions. The color matching was also refreshing. The combination of yellow knitwear and a brown short leather jacket created a great synergy beyond expectations and caught the eyes of people at once. Although the outfit colors don’t seem to match, the (G)I-DLE member perfectly digested the complicated set and proved that she could still shine without colorful patterns. 


◆ Worst – Kim Se-jeong

At first glance, it may look like a common style, but if you look more closely, the outfit combination is a little awkward. Denim fashion can either look hip or tacky, and unfortunately, it was the latter case this time. Selecting a set of denim shirt and pants as the key point of her fashion, her black stockings, white vest with fur and red bag eventually distract attention.  

Kim Sejeong

◆ Worst – Joy

Matching a fluffy and loose off-shoulder top with an untidy skirt made Joy look much shorter. The set gave the impression that she was wearing clothes that didn’t fit her body. Moreover, the brown and white colors of her outfits feel somewhat unnatural and old-fashioned. 


◆ Worst – Yeri

Yeri would have looked cuter if she wore the white mini dress without the short leader jacket and sunglasses. The appearance of the sunglasses and the jacket made the youngest of Red Velvet look rather old. In addition, matching her white dress with contrasting gray socks made Yeri look short.


Source: Daum

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