Netizens divided over aespa Karina and actress Chae Soo Bin’s “visual battle”

The beauty of Chae Soo Bin, an actress known for her innocent aura, and 4th gen representative idol, aespa Karina, are being compared by netizens. 

Recently, in an online community, the topic of “Chae Soo Bin vs Karina, who is more goddess-like at the moment” was published, drawing attention. 

chae soo bin

The original poster also attached legendary looks of the two female stars in their post, causing divided opinions. 

In particular, there was a huge number of netizens who insisted that Chae Soo Bin is more gorgeous, forming the “Chae Soo Bin faction”. They left comments such as, “No matter how pretty an idol is, they cannot keep up with an actress”, “Even among actresses, isn’t Chae Soo Bin the top?”, and even “I don’t know who Chae Soo Bin is, but just looking at the pictures, Chae Soo Bin seems to be prettier.”


On the other hand, there were also many netizens who put themselves in the “Karina team”, leaving reactions such as, “I don’t know any idols, but I know Karina. Isn’t Karina the top idol?” and “Karina is 6 years younger than Chae Soo Bin and has a better body.”

chae soo bin

At the same time, some maintained that both Chae Soo Bin and Karina are beautiful, and that there is no need to fight over who’s superior in terms of appearance. 

One netizen, who gave up on choosing, ended up saying, “When it comes to the face, Chae Soo Bin wins. When it comes to the charm, Karina wins.”


Several also claimed that they would only be able to decide if there’s a photo of Chae Soo Bin and Karina standing side by side. 

Source: Insight

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