Netizens Are Shocked To Find Out Lee Yoo Mi Played A Elementary Student At 17 Years Old

Lee Yoo Mi’s role as an elementary school student was re-examined.U

Actress Lee Yoo Mi became a famous star after appearing in two globally popular Netflix dramas, “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead.” Her flexible acting and unique beauty have helped her become more and more famous and finally land her first leading role on television.

In a recent article, media outlet Koreaboo surprised fans as it mentioned a past role of Lee Yoo Mi in the drama Future Boy. In this drama, the female star was 17 years old and played Seo Yun Doo, an elementary school student. Her small figure, cute face and hair style have convinced the viewers that she was indeed an elementary school student.

lee yoo mi future boy

In fact, this is not the first time Lee Yoo Mi has successfully pulled off a younger role. At the time she played a high school girl in “All of Us Are Dead,” she was also 27 years old. However, being a 27-year-old playing a high school student is still easier than being a young girl playing a child. That’s why the audience still couldn’t help but be surprised and gave a lot of compliments to the actress.

lee yoo mi

Lee Yoo Mi was born in 1994 and is a late bloomer of Korean showbiz as she has worked for 12 years before starting to gain attention. Last year, Lee Yoo Mi also took the lead role in the drama Strong Girl Gang Nam Soon.

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