“Sh**ting Stars” Park So-jin “Idol-turned-actress, a dream I don’t want to give up”

Singer-actress Park So-jin (36 years old, Girl’s Day member) is successfully continuing her challenge as an actress.

Park So-jin added filmography by transforming into the entertainment reporter Jo Ki-bum in tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Sh**ting Stars” (written by Choi Yeon-soo, directed by Lee Soo-hyun), which recently ended.

Park So-jin shared how she felt now that the drama was over, “It was an unforgettable filming set. It was fun to meet such good and hardworking actors. In particular, it was great that viewers seemed to understand Ki-bum’s feelings.”

“Sh**ting Stars” is a romantic comedy that depicts the realistic story of people who stand behind the celebrities and shed blood, sweat, tears to make them shine like stars in the sky.

Park So-jin, who debuted as a girl group member and met entertainment reporters more often than anyone else, said, “I learned about the hardships of office workers and reporters while acting as an entertainment reporter. I wanted to convey them to viewers in a delicate way.”

Park So-jin confessed, “I met and had an interview with a former entertainment reporter. Talking with this person helped me understand the character. I thought that the job of an entertainment reporter is a job that requires liking people, so it starts with interest in humans. It’s also a job that gives opinions when there are certain events.”

Park So-jin mainly worked with Lee Sung-kyung, who played Oh Han-byul (head of the public relations department), and Lee Jung-shin, who played Do Soo-hyuk (entertainment corporation lawyer).

She expressed her affection for the two, “I think both of them are sincere actors. I don’t think there was a moment of carelessness. They did it with sincerity every moment. And they took good care of me. There doesn’t seem to be anything bad about this filming set.”

Park So-jin entered the entertainment industry by debuting as a member of Girl’s Day in 2010. Since then, she has steadily knocked on the door of opportunities with her desire to become an actress. In 2014, she began building filmography as an actress by appearing in TV Chosun’s “The Greatest Marriage”. Her presence as an actress was imprinted through SBS’ “Hot Stove League”, the movie “Essence of Happiness” and the play “The Perfect Other”.

What does “acting” mean to Park So-jin? She expressed satisfaction in the second act of her life as an actress, “I think of it as a passion that will never come back in my life and a dream that I don’t want to give up. It’s fun because it’s difficult, and it’s fun because it doesn’t seem to have a correct answer. I feel like I’m living a new life while acting.”

Numerous idols challenge acting and dream of a new life as an actor. When asked if she has any advice for her juniors, Park So-jin replied, “I hope you don’t think that you’re lacking from the beginning. I just want you to think that you can do it.”

Finally, Park So-jin talked about her future career plans, “There are so many roles I want to do. I want to try a dark role, such as a criminal or a punk. I want to try everything I haven’t done. Besides, I think it’ll be different if I do what I did once again. I can do anything if you believe I can.”

Source: daum

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