NCT127 Taeyong, “We don’t have many close colleagues in SM… We’re worried about doing the challenge for our new song”

NCT127 members Taeyong and Johnny met with Lee Yong-jin and Gabee and shared several talks.

The 14th episode featuring NCT127’s Taeyong and Johnny was recently uploaded on the Youtube channel “Young-jin’s health center”.

In the released video, Gabee looked nervous from the beginning. Lee Yong-jin asked, “Who is the guest that makes you so nervous?”, Gabee said, “Today, the person who judged me before comes”.

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When Lee Young-jin asked, “On ‘Street Woman Fighter’?”, Gabee caught the eyes of everyone as she begin to show off her brilliant dances. Lee Yong-jin said, “So the judge in ‘Street Woman Fighter’ comes? Now I know who”, giving a hint about the guest. Taeyong and Johnny then showed up. Lee Yong-jin suddenly showed an uncomfortable expression. 

Lee Yong-jin, whose agency is SM C&C, said, “People from the headquarter came…”, adding “As I’ve always said before, I am the convenience store while they are the headquarters. How long has it been since your last comeback?”

nct 127

In response, Taeyong said, “Around 1 year. After being the judge on ‘Street Women Fighter’, I did MC for the ttuttaki fighter. As for our team, we are currently doing a world tour.”

Lee Yong-jin then suddenly said, “I’m sorry, but if it’s alright for you, can you give me your earring before you leave?”. Johnny looked at Taeyong’s earrings and said, “It’s expensive. It’s gold”. Lee Yong-jin jokingly said, “I’m just thinking that it might be possible for someone from the headquarter to give one to me”. Johnny calmly replied, “Maybe if you ask him seriously, he might give you”.

nct 127

Lee Yong-jin changed the topic and asked, “So the album came out in 1 year. Is the concept totally different from before? Or similar?”.

Taeyong said, “I think it’s a new concept for NCT127. NCT127 often showed music that emphasizes performance, but this time it’s more into hip-hop. Our title track is called ‘2 Baddies’. In the lyrics, we mention a supercar. And it also appears in the music video”.

nct 127

It was revealed that Taeyong and Johnny were worried about doing challenges. Taeyong said, “We don’t have any close celebrity friends so when we did challenges we usually recruited people from our company. Even within the company, we don’t have close people. To some extent, the purpose of a challenge is certainly ‘to give back’”.

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