This famous actor expressed his joy after receiving food free of charge at a burger store

Actor Son Seok-gu was excited about getting a hamburger free of charge at the restaurant.

Son Seok-gu posted three photos on his Instagram account on August 18th along with the caption, “I have Double Patty every time. I ordered a Single for the first time but they gave me a Double free of charge”.

One of the released photos shows the back of Son Seok-gu, who was sitting alone and eating a hamburger inside a large hamburger restaurant.

He added, “Even when I’m full, I still enjoy eating a burger alone after work”, boasting about the Double Patty burger he received free of charge.

What drew keen attention from netizens is the pleasant message that seemed to have been left for Seon Seok-gu by an employee at the restaurant. The employee wrote, “Kang Hae-sang, you… I’m giving you a Double Patty”, and “You can refill your drink”, drawing laughter.

Kang Hae-sang is the name of the character played by Son Seok-gu in the famous movie “The Roundup”. Son Seok-gu received favorable reviews for his amazing acting skills in portraying the charisma of this villain that scared many people.

Netizens who saw this cute and simple daily life story of Son Seok-gu gave enthusiastic responses. They commented on his Instagram post, saying “Didn’t they give you (Double Patty) because they were scared of Kang Hae-sang?”, “His way of talking is so cute”, “So cute. I’ll buy you 100 burgers”, “I’ll be a slave to hamburgers from now on”, “His way of speaking is so funny”, etc.

Following the recent success of dramas “D.P.” and “My Liberation Notes”, Son Seok-gu is enjoying his heyday with “The Roundup” becoming the first movie to surpass 10 million admissions since the Covid-19 pandemic.

He is scheduled to appear in Disney+’s series “Casino”, Netflix’s original series “D.P. Season 2”, and “Murder DIEary”.

Source: wikitree

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