It turned out that Dispatch introduced a lawyer to Han Seo-hee to report about Yang Hyun-suk’s cover-up of B.I’s drug investigation

It was revealed in the recent trial that it was the entertainment media Dispatch that connected a lawyer to Han Seo-hee to report about former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk.

This fact was revealed during the witness examination of Han Seo-hee, a former idol trainee who claimed to have been threatened by YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk, at Yang Hyun-suk’s 4th trial for the charge of retaliatory threats held at the Seoul Central District Court on April 25th.

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At the trial, Han Seo-hee, who reported to the public interest that she was called over and threatened by former CEO Yang Hyun-suk, attended as a ‘victim’ witness. During the witness examination conducted by Yang Hyun-suk’s lawyer, the fact that Han Seo-hee handed over the investigation-related materials, including three police interrogation reports on her drug use, to Dispatch and the process of Choi, a detective in charge of investigating Han Seo-hee, responded to Dispatch’s interviews at Han Seo-hee’s suggestion were all revealed.

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According to what has been confirmed in the witness examination, Dispatch published articles about the allegation of Yang Hyun-suk covering up the police’s drug investigation against iKON’s B.I (Kim Han-bin) based on Han Seo-hee’s reports in June 2019 and introduced lawyer Bang Jung-hyun to Han Seo-hee for the filing of a public interest report through the ‘representative report’ condition to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. At that time, lawyer Bang had just gained fame by submitting the so-called “golden phone” of singer Jung Joon-young in the Burning Sun Case to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission around February 2019. An official of the company that was entrusted with Jung Joon-young’s cellphone forensics informed lawyer Bang of the content of the ‘golden phone’ and had him make a ‘representative report’ to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission.


It was not known that Dispatch connected lawyer Bang to whistleblow with Han Seo-hee‘s tip-off during the process of reporting the suspicion of covering up police drug investigations against former iKON member B.I.

At that time, Han Seo-hee‘s whistleblowing caused controversy in many ways. From the second report after the first exclusive report on B.I‘s case, Dispatch directly informed through an article that an anonymous informant whistleblew to the Civil Rights Commission through lawyer Bang. Since then, lawyer Bang has personally responded to broadcast interviews and substituted the anonymous whistleblower.

However, an economic magazine reported that Han Seo-hee was a whistleblower by combining the known facts from Dispatch’s reports. In response, Han Seo-hee directly confirmed that she was a whistleblower through her SNS.

han seo hee

Nevertheless, even though the Civil Rights Commission and lawyer Bang acknowledged that Han Seo-hee was a whistleblower, there was a big controversy over the legal basis as they argued that the media should not report it. Reporters protested this when the Civil Rights Commission distributed a notice to the press corps that included the content of “whistleblower” as a matter of fact.

Even though she revealed that she was a whistleblower, she was in a situation in which the lawyer who reported on her behalf and the Civil Rights Commission insisted that Han Seo-hee‘s name should not be disclosed.

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