NCT Taeyong Sets Up Email Specifically Dedicated to Finding a Fan Who Has Been Promoting Him

One fan of NCT Taeyong’s unwavering devotion for the idol has captivated the attention of many

Carrying a giant banner promoting NCT’s Taeyong that reads “NCT Taeyong will release a solo album tomorrow, 26/2, at 6 pm. Please listen to the title track ‘TAP’ a lot,” a fangirl of the idol has been going viral.

nct taeyong

From Taeyong’s solo concert venue to various places, the fan wore the banner everywhere to promote Taeyong. She even stopped at Gangnam station, turning on the speaker, and dancing to ‘TAP’. The love of this fan for Taeyong has earned admiration from other fans and netizens.

NCT Taeyong

Notably, even Taeyong himself is touched by the fan’s gesture and is trying to reach out to the fan to express his gratitude. Setting up a dedicated email address, taeyong_findfan@smtown.com, Taeyong even hilariously likened the search for this special fan to a game of Pokemon Go. Even his manager has joined the quest, determined to track down the fan. 

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