NCT Taeyong Candidly Admits to Being Tone-Deaf

Taeyong of NCT opens up about being tone-deaf in an honest revelation.

In a recent appearance on the show “Thursday Night” to promote his solo debut album, NCT Taeyong addressed a personal challenge that has accompanied his musical journey. 

MC Jo Hyun Ah, aware of Taeyong’s proficiency in songwriting, questioned if there was anything he couldn’t do in the realm of music. To this, Taeyong responded, “I’m not very good at singing. Honestly, I’m a bit… What do you call it? Tone-deaf?


Jo Hyun Ah, slightly surprised by this revelation, recalled that Taeyong had just sung moments ago. She suggested that perhaps he struggled with hitting the right notes occasionally. 

Taeyong clarified that while he manages well during practice sessions, he feels lost when faced with sheet music alone, highlighting his difficulty in discerning musical pitches.

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