NCT 127 returned as vampires with a fatal love song “Favorite”

NCT 127 returned with a song about a sorrowful and fatal love.  

At 6 p.m. on Oct 25th, NCT 127 released the digital album of their 3rd full-length repackage “Favorite” and the music video for their title song “Favorite (Vampire).”

NCT Favorite

The title song “Favorite” is an R&B pop dance song with abundant vocal harmonization. NCT 127, who is known for using catchy signature sounds in their music, captivates the audience’s ears right from the start with the whistle sound.

In this song, NCT 127 is even more emotional. Earlier, if “Sticker” continued their unique color with experimental sound and development, “Favorite” this time focused more on the melody and vocals.

You come to me like a fever and destroys me, Ain’t afraid at all 

My world is shattered and I begin to desire you.

Call it playing with fire (Quit that)

You have thorns (Hands down)

The fragmented Crown (Take that)

I took a bite of the pure poison and swallow it all.

Loving you is incomplete, precarious

Even if I stumble and go crazy in hatred

I love you. I love you. I want to hurt even more desperatel in this destiny.

Those wild eyes, all of your existence, Girl you’re my favorite

I burst into tears and fall apart. When I kiss you in the heat, like a storm 

You’re my favorite

Without regrets baby

Earlier, NCT 127 introduced the short novel “Story of Favorite,” which is based on this song, and the lyrics have a clear storyline like a single novel.

As can be seen from the subtitle “Vampire,” “Favorite” tells of tragic love. Even at the end of this catastrophic love, the lyrics, with the message that only the other person is my everything and my joy, depicts a fatal love story.

The impressive performance is also suitable for the dramatic lyrics. The choreography adjusts the speed back and forth between intensity and softness, making the audience feel a restrained sexiness from them.

Following NCT 127’s third full-length album “Sticker,” the repackage album also surpassed 1.060.000 pre-orders. Fans are looking forward to NCT 127’s performance, who are once again seeking to occupy the domestic and foreign charts with “Favorite.”

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