Namkoong Min Explains Rumor Of Discord With Kim Hee-chul, “I Was Being Too Honest Then Invited Him To Wedding”

The January 6th broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” featured the guest appearances of Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin, the lead actors of MBC’s drama “My Dearest”.

As soon as Namkoong Min showed up, Lee Jin-ho mentioned the rumor of his discord with Kim Hee-chul, saying “You know what? (Namkoong) Min was supposed to come here before but there’s someone in my class whom he doesn’t get along with”.

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Namkoong Min then explained, “Discord rumor is applied to those who have spent time together before, but we actually met each other for the first time at ‘Life Bar’, After drinking a little bit, he shared many interesting and sincere stories so I also shared my honest thoughts. I felt so sorry as many people thought, ‘They don’t get along well’, ‘Namkoong Min doesn’t like Hee-chul’, etc.”

He continued, “I felt so sorry for Hee-chul. Hee-chul was only doing what he needed to do, but I thought I misunderstood his idea. That’s why I contacted him and first and we had a meal together”. Kim Hee-chul added that he was even invited to Namkoong Min’s wedding, boasting about their friendship. Namkoong Min emphasized, “I invited him because he’s my favorite brother”.

“The two said they are close to each other”, Lee Jin-ho summarized the story and corrected fake news spreading on YouTube.

Source: Daum

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