Nam Joo Hyuk’s “Vigilante” Dominates Disney+ Rankings, Showered with Positive Reviews

‘Vigilante’ continues its unstoppable success by securing the top spot in Disney+’s TV show category 

According to FlixPatrol, ‘Vigilante‘ has achieved the No.1 position in the TOP10 TV shows in Disney+ Asia for four countries, maintaining its momentum in popularity.

Since its release, ‘Vigilante’ has held the unrivaled top position in Korea and Taiwan for an impressive four weeks. Additionally, ‘Vigilante’ has dominated in Hong Kong and Singapore, claiming consecutive top rankings, and secured the No.2 spot in Japan.


All episodes of ‘Vigilante’ have been released. Even in Turkey, absent from the rankings before, ‘Vigilante’ has entered Top 10, creating an unprecedented global buzz.

Upon its premiere, ‘Vigilante’ recorded the top position in Disney+ Korea TOP10 TV show category on FlixPatrol within a single day. Praised for its novelty as a Korean dark hero story, ‘Vigilante’ has proven its topicality. 

The intense characters with distinct personalities and purposes, combined with thrilling developments and realistic action in their intertwining and clashing processes, have impressed viewers. 

Interest in the series has poured in not only from Korea but also from across Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. ‘Vigilante’ has successfully established itself as a globally successful series.

Viewers left comments such as:

  • “The series is incredibly high quality. Detailed and lively direction, attractive characters from the lead to supporting roles, and complex relationships were all excellent” 
  • “I’m already watching ‘Vigilante’ for the second time… I’ve memorized the dialogues”
  • “I’m confident enough to say this is the drama of the year” 
  • “Birth of a Korean dark hero!”
  • “Can’t stop watching ‘Vigilante.'” 

‘Vigilante’ follows Kim Ji-yong (Nam Joo-hyuk), an exemplary police cadet upholding the law during the day but living as ‘Vigilante’ at night, passing judgment on criminals evading the law. 

The action thriller, based on the webtoon of the same name, portrays a fierce confrontation among individuals with different purposes revolving around Kim Ji-yong. The webtoon, available globally through Naver Webtoon in languages such as English and Japanese, has accumulated an impressive 370 million views worldwide.

Source: daum

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