Taeyang reveals his 18-month-old son’s resemblance to wife Min Hyo Rin and talks about the burden of his image in love

Taeyang talked about his 18-month-old son and wife Min Hyo Rin during his guest appearance on “You Quiz on the Block.” 

On April 26th, BIGBANG Taeyang appeared as a guest on tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz On The Block” episode 191.

When asked about his wife Min Hyo Rin’s current situation, Taeyang replied, “My wife is doing well taking care of the baby.


He continued, “When I was working on my album, she gave me a lot of ideas. I tried to accommodate them as much as possible. She has good intuition and sense. She tells me how to dress and how to express my emotions.

Jo Se Ho complimented Taeyang by saying, “He’s a sarangkkun (a person who expresses their love a lot).” Taeyang then said, “I feel burdened by this image. As I become more identified as a sarangkkun, my wife tells me, ‘Don’t you think you should be a better lover?’” He laughed while venting his feelings.

Taeyang married Min Hyo Rin in 2018 and had a son in 2021. When asked how old his son is, Taeyang replied, “He’s 18 months old,” and added that he looks a lot like his mom. 

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Taeyang said, “He looked more like me at first, but now he looks more like my wife. When I take him out, people mistake him for a girl because he looks too much like my wife. He’s just started to walk and express himself. He’s so cute.

Taeyang also revealed that he receives nightly warnings from his wife to “Please come in quietly.” Taeyang said, “I sleep in the same room as my baby. I work on music or come in late at night, but she always warns me to be quiet. I put on socks and try to be like a ninja, but the baby still wakes up.

Taeyang also drew attention by revealing that he slept with his hair and makeup done after shooting his MV, afraid that his baby would wake up if he took a shower at 4 in the morning.

Source: Nate

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